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2014 was cool!

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Looking back at my year I can honestly say it was a pretty cool year. Not amazing but it was much better than some past years I had when my kitties passed away, found out I had multiple sclerosis, or when I was unemployed for over a year. Since end of the year lists are practically law, here’s my top 5:

5. Created a website for Student and Teacher discounts and this blog. I have had moderately good success with it. I’m looking forward to expanding the content.

4. Began writing a novel. I still have some work to do but it has been an awesome process so far.

3. Had new adventures in Austin and the surrounding area. I went tubing on the Guadalupe River, hiking at Enchanted Rock,  explored the Natural Bridge Caverns and WestCave Preserve.

2. Started a new job in February. This has been a very challenging place to work but I am happy to have had the opportunity. I am looking forward to continual success there.

1. Made it through another year of school with straight A’s.  One more semester to go and I will have a Bachelors Degree in Communications.

Here’s hoping 2015 doesn’t suck!