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I resolve to….

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I’m not big on resolutions per se but I will remind myself every year to try new things. Every year I’ll make a list of some things that I have had in the back of mind to try or do and then make an effort to do them throughout the year. They are usually small things like try out Redbox, Greenling CSA, go to a fancy movie theater or order a Mexican martini. I did those last year, here is my list for this year:

1. Try a Moscow Mule (Done! I actually bought all the ingredients and made one last night.)

2. Check out the Blue Hole in Wimberley (when it gets warmer)

3. Zip-lining

4. Canyon Lake

5. Karate class (I’m thinking after I graduate would be a good time for this.)

6. Make Mango Sticky rice

7. Find vegan Affogato in Austin and try it

8. Go to a movie in the park

9. Go on a tour of the ACL studios

10. Find a new hiking spot

There will be more things that pop up throughout the year but these are ideas that I have been wanting to do for awhile.

Anything I should add?