ModCloth Stylish Surprise Dress | November

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A few times a year Modcloth has a special called Stylish Surprise. It can be for shoes, accessories, tops and / or dresses.   The cost ranges from $5, $10, or sometimes $15’s. You don’t know what you are going to get and there are no returns – hence the surprise. I’ve bought it a few times but a lot of the time it’s not my style or the item didn’t fit right so I sold it on ebay and actually made a profit.  A couple weeks ago they did one for dresses at $10’s so I bought it again. I’m always looking for a deal and you can’t beat the price. I got a creme with a gold shimmer lace skater dress with a handkerchief hem.  It’s not something I would normally buy but it fit and looked good on me so I have decided to keep it. I tried to find it on their site to see what it originally cost but I couldn’t locate it. Usually I can so that means this may have been a sample and something they decided not to sell.  That’s fine with me since I’m not going to re-sell it. In fact, I wore it for Thanksgiving dinner. Thanks ModCloth! Don’t forget, if you are a student you can get a 15% off discount.